Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trial and Error

So I have been seeing my current neurologist, Dr. E. now for over 2 years.  There have been many ups & downs, as all of you with migraine would know.  I was recently about to give up on him as I felt as if we were at a standstill.  I'd like to share some of the treatments I have tried...and unfortunately, most of which have been unsuccessful.  I cannot for the life of me remember the order in which I was treated, however here is a brief (tried to be brief) rundown!

Medicine ( both abortive and preventative):  Cymbalta, Corgard, Topamax (again..another story to come), Lamictal, Piroxicam, Soma, Xanax, Fioriciet, Seroquel, Depakote (IV), Magnesium (pills & IV), Maxalt (sublingual), Treximet, Toradol (IM), Imitrex (Sub-Q), Demerol, Phenergan, Medrol Dose Pack (steroids), and probably more I cannot recall.

I have had Occipital Nerve Blocks with marcaine & steroids several times, Trigger Point injections with marcaine several times, and Botox 4 times.  I have tried Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, and TENS.   I have had countless MRI's of my head and entire spine, Balance testing, EEG and a sleep study, as well as countless labwork.

I was taken to the ER one night by Jesse after giving Topamax another try.  Apparantly I was acting very strange, slurring my speech and not making any sense.  When I arrived in triage, my BP was extremely elevated, the nurse noticed my confusion and disorientation, and stated I had left sided facial drooping.  I was immediately rushed back to have a CT Scan to rule out stroke.  Of course, it was negative, as I knew it would be.  However, I was taken off of the Topamax again as the ER dr. told me he has seen patients go into psychosis as an adverse effect and obviously I wasn't tolerating the medication as before, as well as it was not controlling my migraines and headaches at all.

The second time I was taken to the hospital was this past October 2009.  I had taken a Maxalt (sublingual) for the second time.  I was in the car rider line waiting to pick up my sons from school.  Shortly after it dissolving, I felt my left arm get heavy and I had this terrible ache.  Then I started feeling as if I couldn't breathe.  I tried to relax as I wasn't sure if I was just making myself panic.  I got home and my mother came over (an RN) and decided to take me to the drs. office.  From there I was taken via ambulance and admitted to the hospital for 3 days.  Apparantly I had had a coronary vasospasm, as well as refractory migraine and profuse vomiting.  Which of course then made the drs. decide I needed an Endoscopy.  It was basically negative other than some Gastritis...probably from all the meds and vomiting (obviously)!

Fun times I tell ya!

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