Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alotta Needles

I cannot believe how much time has gotten away from me...again.  I read all your blogs daily, and have had intentions to write, but then the task just seems to daunting. 

I went today for my third Acupunture treatment.  While I have tried it before, I am back at trying it again.  I've continued to be pretty skeptical in it's effect...up until today that is.  I woke up this morning in tremendous pain.  Throbbing head with sharp, shooting pains through the left side of my skull.  No doubt thanks to a very strenuous day on Labor & Delivery yesterday.  Todays treatment lasted almost 2 hours!  Way longer than any of the other ones I have ever had.  She started with me face up.  I had points placed in my feet, hands and forearms, then she connected those points with a wire to aid in the flow of energy.  Or some hocus pocus thing like that.  After about 30 minutes, she rearranged the wires and I waited another 30 minutes or so.  It's a little difficult for me to just lay still like that in a room by myself, but with the heat lamp on and the soft music playing, I began to relax.  Next, I stripped off my shirt and was placed on my stomach.  I had what seemed like a bazillion points placed in the base of my skull, neck and up and down my back.  It was a little uncomfortable at first, but she said it's because my muscles were so tight.  Eventually it eased up a bit.  The best part was when she came in to take the points out.  She rubbed my back with essential oil and a topical analgesic, then rolled some kind of roller thing up and down my neck and shoulders. was heaven.  When I got up, I felt completely drunk. 

After todays treatment...I had an epiphany.  It worked!  I left there feeling so mellow and what was a 7 on the pain scale was down to about a 2.

I came home in awe...thinking maybe there really is something to this Eastern medicine philosophy.

I climbed into bed and slept like a baby for 2 hours.

Sad for me...I woke up back in pain.  I was so bummed.  So I popped a pill...or two.

So my theory works...but doesn't have long lasting results.  At least not yet.  I plan to continue going every week.

This afternoon I also had Botox.  This time I got it purely for cosmetic reasons though.  After my last hospitalization, the powers that be decided that the Botox was ineffective for my Migraines and they were not going to cover the cost anymore.  That being said...I became addicted.  Addicted to the smooth, wrinkle free skin on my forehead.  So, while I was having my pap smear last week and heard that my Gyn was now doing Botox I signed right up!  One thing that was done differently was this numbing cream they put all over my forehead before they injected.  My Neuro never did that and it was AMAZING!  I felt not a thing, but the bestest part that my forehead is still completely numb.  It feels awesome!  Now if I can only get my hands on that jar of magic numbing cream, I would shave off my hair and slather it all over my head and down my neck!

So yea, today was a day filled with alotta needles!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth.

At least the Blogoshpere.

It's been busy around these parts...and when I'm not busy...I'm too lazy to write. Like turning on the laptop and tapping out a few words on the keyword is really some physically demanding task. I just haven't felt like actually thinking though.

I am close to my 3 month evaluation at my new job. So far, it's been pretty good. There is a steep learning curve.  I have found myself in some less than ideal situations...but I seem to manage to pull myself out. Even when one of those times was in a patient's house, with her husband screaming in my face, and me bursting into uncontrollable sobbing.

I have learned alot about death and dying.  Maybe not something many people actually want to learn about...but we all gotta do it someday, so why not know all we can about the process?  It can actually be beautiful and peaceful.  When family is surrounding the bed, praying, singing, holding the hands of their loves ones as they take their last can actually be quite serene. I hope when it is my time to's how I have witnessed death these past few weeks.  It's beginning to bring out my spiritual side.  I grew up Catholic...even went to Catholic school, but as an adult...I have lost my way to church.  I think maybe, just maybe, I am finding my way back.

Before, during and after the holidays has been a bit stressful on the family front.  First, as I mentioned previously, my Mom had emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction.  The tumor they removed was benign, and the six inches of small intestine that was removed showed significant damage apparantly due to Crohn's Disease.  She is adjusting well to her medications, and actually went back to work in the Emergency Room last night. The week before Christmas, my Mom's boyfriend of the past 10 years, had a heart attack on his way to the hospital (He is an ER physician), and ended up having open heart surgery with a 5 way bypass.  He had a few set backs which landed him back in the ICU, but is now well on his way to recovery.  Last but not least is my darling, Jesse. He has had a growth on the cornea of his left eye for years.  Due mostly to spending alot of time out in the sun, on the boat, and being exposed to the elements.  After a routine eye exam, our doctor told us it was starting to grow onto the pupil, which eventually could affect his vision. So yesterday he had surgery. What was supposed to be a 45 minute procedure turned into an hour and 45 minute procedure.  During the surgery, his cornea perforated and they had to call in yet another surgeon.  He had his bandages removed this morning, has lots of glue and sutures holding his eyeball together and is doing good.  His eye looks gross and is seeping all kinds of goo...but he is out of the pain he was having last night, and the surgeon says he will be back to his perfect 20/20 vision in no time.

Whew...that was a mouthful!!! 

As far as my health is concerned...I am status quo.  Some days are good, some days suck.  You know how it is.  I am currently still taking Cambia, Lortab and Fioricet as needed.  Not all together of course.  I switch it up so I do not build up too much of a tolerance to one med. I also take "med holidays", as my Neuro and I call it to avoid rebound headaches.  I am not always successful.  I also take Verapamil, Flexeril, Magnesium, Riboflavin and a few other supplements for good measure.  That's alot of drugs when you write it down. Don't judge! 

I am going to pursue Acupuncture again. My Neuro recommended someone I want to try.  I'll let ya all know how it goes.  I was going to Myofascial Release sessions regularly before the holidays, but the therapist flaked out on me and kept cancelling. I don't have the time or patience for that buh bye.

I was in line at the pharmacy this evening, when the lady in front of me was crying because she could not afford her mother's Coumadin presecription.  So I bought it for her.  Yup...I think I sprouted wings and a halo.  Seriously felt good to help out.  I HATE our healthcare system and it is heartbreaking when people can't take their meds because they cannot afford them.

We are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Alaska.  It isn't until May...but time is flying.  We booked a hotel in Seatlle for 2 days before the cruise and for 4 days after the cruise.  I can't wait to eat at all the food carts!

And last but not least...I'll  leave you with a couple holiday photos.  We had a great time and I am so thankful for all we have!

Some of their loot on Christmas morning...Stereo skateboards, Playstation 3 and a Lava lamp.  Yup...they actually asked for a lava lamp!

My love and I on Christmas Eve at my Mom's house. She had a gorgeous real 10 ft. tree!