Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aresenal of Weapons

So, I am one of those dumbasses that buys everything on the market that promotes "pain relief."  Here is just a small glimpse of my "aresenal of weapons".  Others are too big to fit on my kitchen table, such as the inversion table I bought last year.  What the hell was I thinking when I bought that?!?  I can't even bend over without my head practically exploding and falling off my shoulders, let alone hang upside down!  But, on the internet, I read it reduced some peoples' migraines, so I had to buy one!  Jesse must have been a Saint in another lifetime to put up with me and my crackhead antics.  Although, he greatly benefits from it I said..."Happy Valentine's Day, Honey!"  Anyways,  my lovely photo to the left shows some of my items I have come to depend on.  I have my nebulizer (which I can only use when no one is home...all the boys in my house gag when it's on!).  In it I use "Head Aide" essential oil which consists of lavender, spearmint, rosemary, marjoram, basil and vetiver (whatever that is).  I must admit though...It gives me a headache!  Haha.  Go figure.  Almost all scents do.  Should've known better with that one too.  Next up...the device that looks like a set of small red my "Still Point Inducer".  While laying down, it rests in your sub-occipital area.  This is one of those things that is a "hurts so good feeling."  Gotta be careful getting up though, I get very dizzy.  Then I have my trusty blue ice pack.  One of many.  By far my favorite headache companion!  There's the overpriced "special headache" pillow (blah blah blah)...that I use, but I think it's too hard, so a softer, comfier pillow goes right on top!  The lovely pink eye mask is my new purchase.  I had an ugly blue one that fit too tight around my sensitive noggin, so I traded it in for a pretty pink brocade and satin one from "Cris Notti".  Let's see...there are also my wax ear plugs I use when the noise is really too much to bear, or when I'm trying to read and Jesse won't turn down the damn t.v.!  Also my yoga dvd's...although P90X yoga is my favorite, these are for those more relaxing times....and then there is my new relaxation CD (which I have yet to listen to) that my Pain Psychologist made for me.  I am seeing her as a request from Dr. B.  Although, she really hasn't taught me anything I don't already know or practice, but we'll see.  I mean I labor women through childbirth for goodness sake...I think I know relaxation techniques!  Geez!

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