Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Headaches Begin

About 2006 I starting getting daily headaches mixed in with my migraines.  I felt like I knew the difference between my head pain because when I had what I called a "real" migraine, I lost my left sided vision. However, even the daily headaches caused irritability, difficulty concentrating, loss of coordination, and a whole gamut of other sensations.  I was sure they were stress related as in the previous years, I had gotten divorced and finished nursing school.  I could often feel the tension in my neck and shoulders and I would clench my jaw.  I took every over the counter medication I could think of.  Excedrin, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, Aleve...even rub on analgesics.  I started using ice packs on my head and heating pads on my shoulders. I was working three 12 hour night shifts a week at the hospital.  I was sure my erratic sleep patterns were contributing to my pain. During the years since seeing Dr. S., I never sought out any other medical treatment.  No one I knew seemed to think headaches or migraines were a big deal, so I figured the doctors didn't either.  I would just go along with a smile on my face and "suck it up" as best as I could.  What no one knew, was that I was dying on the inside and just prayed not to wake up to another day of agony.

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