Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday I know I am a little late and it's not Friday...but give a girl a break...I just busted my ass saving lives and bringing new life into the world for 2 days straight! =)

1. I am currently obsessed with my ipad!  I am still learning how to navigate the thing, as I am very technicalogically challenged...but...I have downloaded lots of fun apps and get to read my books on it, as well as my favorite blogs!

2.Today I am exhausted because I worked 2 back to back 12 hour shifts which included laboring a sick momma on high risk meds that ended up a cesarean section and going to another unit to assist with a "Code Blue" by doing chest compressions...which let me tell ya...can wear you out!  Whew!

3.The age I am is 33 and the age I feel is 83!  The fatigue of being in pain non-stop makes me feel 50 years older!

4. My favorite place is the beach.  It's about 10 minutes from my house and I practically live there during the summer with the boys.  However, the task of packing up and dragging a bunch of stuff out there for the day can be quite daunting.  Overall it's worth it when you're floating in the water, listening to the waves and birds, smelling the salty sea air and getting a tan! 

5.Something I have been procrastinating is having my dad over for dinner.  I HATE to cook.  I have tried to like it, but I just don't, especially since my pain has become chronic.  Gotta save my spoons!  Thank God Jesse cooks and the boys like take-out!

6.The last thing I purchased was a bag of sea salt potato chips at lunch from the MMH cafeteria.

7.The thing I love most about my house is my bed...preferably with my Sweetie, my boys and my puppies all snuggled up with me! can join in the fun by either filling in the blanks in the comments or link up over at The Little Things We Do!


Emily said...

Ok, fun! I'm curious about the iPad. It's hard to imagine how I'd use it, you know? But it is amazing.

S.I.F. said...

Get some rest lady! That is lots and lots of hard work!

Jessica said...

Emily...I use mine mainly as a far as browsing the web and researching. When I have to type a lot...I don't use it because it's touch screen and the keyboard is small. I also have the barnes and noble nook color application so I do a lot of reading on it. My boys play their games on it as well. It is quite useful!

SIF...I just slept 12 hours!!!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Jessica: I am in awe, it shows that you have true calling for your profession that you can work 12 hour shifts through the kind of pain you experience.

I am in awe, because I want an iPad too (very whiney voice). sigh.

Glad you got some sleep! Don't know how you do it.

Jessica said...

Winny...I don't know how I do it either!