Monday, October 18, 2010

No More Injections

Just got the last of my series of Occipital Nerve Blocks.  Today's injection was in my most troublesome if it's going to help, I should know this round.  Trying to keep positive.  But I am guessing as with most treatments and drugs I have tried, it will poop out without any noticeable effects.

I go to see Dr. F...the new chiropractor, again on Wednesday at 930am.  I think I am a glutton for punishment...or just a sucker.  I fear not going I will be missing the opportunity to find a method that just might work.  Besides...for me, going to get massage, soft tissue manipulation and adjustments may not touch the pain, but are quite relaxing.

Anyone have any feedback on the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago?

I am still toying with the idea of going to MHNI as my pain specialist suggested, but Diamond is close to Jesse's sister's house, so I am thinking I might want try them out instead.  We could stay at his sister's for least Jesse can if I end up inpatient, and we'd have a car to drive for free, rather than renting one.  I just don't know Diamond's reputation...or if either place is even worth the travel and expense???


Diana Lee said...

Emily at The Sassy Lime has gone to Diamond. I think she had a good experience there. She, like me and so many of us, is just hard to time an effective treatment for. I think that's why she has moved on to other options. I think she would be as helpful as she could if you contact her.

My pain doc recommended MHNI, too. The main reason I haven't is because I do not want to go in patient. Maybe I should reconsider. I jut don't know.

I'm glad to hear from you on my blog! I can't believe I missed yours until now. Nice to meet you. :)


Jessica said...

Thanks Diana! I have been skeptical about going to these clinics to...but feel I need to do something more as nothing locally is effective. Maybe we should go together! Haha! =)