Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alternative Methods

Saw a new Chiropractor yesterday.  He did some adjustments to my neck...which I was a little skeptical of, but allowed him to do anyway.  I have this unrealistic fear of neck adjustments causing a vertebral artery dissection and me dying a slow painful death.  So of course, when the pain set in last night...I told Jesse..."If I die, make sure they look for VAD on my autopsy."  Yup...I'm a little psycho.  So my take on this chiro and massage thing...I think I am gonna feel worse before I feel better.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

was cured of a post concussion headache once by a "neck adjustment" by a chiropractor. Said my vertebral arteries were "pinched". with the adjustment I felt blood rush into my circle of willis like a shower downward and the headache disappeared like magic. Only time that ever happened!

Jessica said...

Well so far...I am dying! I feel way worse now than I did before I went! Jesse was trying to take me to the hospital. But...I refuse to go. I'll self medicate for now. =( So sad it didn't work.