Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hurtin' For Certain

So I went to see Dr. Feelgood (pain guy) on Wednesday.  I had gotten a call from his medical assistant the previous Friday instructing me to come in to go over my MRI results.  While I had looked at my scans, and thought they appeared to be normal, I had never gotten an official result. predicted...normal.  Well at least in the structural way.  I wouldn't exactly classify this constant head pain as normal.

I learned that I should hopefully be getting the ok for the stimulator trial from all parties involved within the month.  Fingers crossed!

We decided that in the meantime, next week, I am going to have yet another series of nerve blocks done to tide me over.  While they are not 100% effective for me, they seem to diminish the pain somewhat, at least for a few days.  I am currently back in what I refer to as an "increased pain flare"!  The only treatment that seems to alleviate my pain in these "flares" is steroids.  Nothing better than injecting them right into the back of the skull!  Although IV Decadron does wonders...I can only get that in the hospital...and I am not going back there.  Well, as a patient anyways.

Speaking of hospital, as usual, I worked my 12 hr. back to back shifts on Friday & Saturday.  While Friday was a decent day, I was "baby nurse"...yesterday was BRUTAL!  In addition to my regular labor & delivery nursing duties, I am also trained as a scrub tech and assist for our surgeries.  Yesterday...I was scrub tech.  We had a total of 4 cesarean of which lasted over 2 hours because of bleeding!  For those of you that do not know...scrubbing 4 surgeries in a hell!  Today...I am totally not exaggerating when I say I can barely move.  Leaning over the OR table, digging in abdomens, pushing babies out small uterine incisions, pulling and tugging on internal organs, fascia and skin all day long has killed my head, neck & back. 

Last night when I got home, Jesse tried to rub my back & the pain was too intense, he couldn't even touch me.  Now...when I turn down a massage...I must be dying! 

This morning, I have my lovely shiatsu massage pillow with heat behind my back as I type, loads of medication on board, sipping a yummy hot cup of coffee from my Keurig in my cozy bed...where I intend to stay all day long!


Migrainista said...

I can imagine how that kind of a day would translate to big time pain. You are such an amazing woman to work like you do, doing what you do, and living with all this pain. I hope that this upcoming nerve block is going to help.

Della said...

You deserve to lay in bed all day! I don't know how you do it. When I'm in pain, it wins, hands down. You are such a trooper Jessica! Hope you feel better soon!

Jessica said...

Well the need to put a roof over my boys head is what keeps me going.

I don't think I can keep it up forever unless I find significant relief though!

Diana Lee said...

Holy cow. That sounds downright brutal!

Glad here promising news about the stimulator, though. I really hope they come through for you.

Diana Lee said...

Also you're the winner of the children's book giveaway I'm doing on Somebody Heal Me. If you can email me your mailing address I'll get it in the mail to you!

Jessica said...

Ooooh...Thanks, Diana!

I never win anything! Haha!

It'll be great for the boys to read!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Steroids were about the only thing that helped me except the occipital stimulator. Good luck with your injections! Crossing my fingers on the ONS approval

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

I'm so sorry, that is horrible! I hope you can figure everything out soon and feel better!