Monday, January 3, 2011

Still in Limbo

Had my follow up appointment with the Rheumatologist. 

All lab work came back within normal limits.

I suppose I should be elated over that fact.

But...I'm not.

I still have no answers.

And why in the world does my lab values keep fluctuationg anyway?  One visit they're elevated and out of whack...the next they're normal.  What the hell.

It just adds to my confusion.

What is interesting in my situation is that all the Neuro guys think I have a rheumatological condition...and all the Rheumy's think I have a neurological condition. 


I am beginning to feel as if I have a psychological condition.

So this Dr. is calling it...

"Central Pain Syndrome"

I seriously think they make this shit up.  They just throw everything against the wall & wait to see what sticks.


So last Thursday I did go forward with the left sided medial branch block.  Had a great visit with my friends "Fentanyl" & "Versed"...but still had a hell of alot of pain.

Not quite sure what that was all about. I didn't feel that pain before...only after the RFL did I have any real discomfort. I don't know if it was because it was actually directed at my most problematic area or what.

Being sick has also made things worse.

And...I cannot seem to kick whatever this is! 

So right now...I am back to bed. Sudafed on board, a box of tissues to my left, hot peppermint tea to my right,  new ipad on lap, eyes popping out of my head from pressure, head thumping, occipital nerves burning...

Good stuff.

Sense the sarcasm here?

So fucking over it.

P.S.  Here is some info on Central Pain Syndrome...not that I have it or anything...


Migrainista said...

So frustrating - I totally get it. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Rh doc and the Neuro doc could get together and hash out the actual issue.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Jessica said...

Yeah...I was thinking the same thing. But who has time to actually find a diagnosis for a patient, really?


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Jessica - they are too busy making money saying go to the other doc to do any REAL work! Some autoimmune conditions like my thyroiditis have symptoms of both arthritis and neurological problems. I am sure that there are others in addition to Central Pain Syndrome!!