Monday, January 17, 2011

Next Step

Just came home from an appointment with Dr. B. 

Since we agreed on the fact that I got no relief from my last medial branch block, I am not going forward with anymore radiofrequency lesioning of any more nerves.

The probable next step is...

Drum roll please...

An Occipital Nerve Stimulator trial.


The thought of having something mechanical that may eliminate my pill popping intrigues me.

However the thought of an implantable device freaks me out.

I was given a DVD for Jesse and I to watch so that we will have a better understanding of what I will be getting myself into.

The other obstacle will be calling and getting approval from the insurance company.

I would almost be willing to pay cash rather than deal with all that bullshit...but I am pretty certain my bank account doesn't have close to enough in it!

On to the topic of my gluten free diet...

Basically all I can say is ....What diet?

I have failed miserably.

At work this weekend I consumed  gluten with every meal!

I do plan on getting some healthier foods this week when I grocery shop though.

I am excited to try some new smoothie recipes I got yesterday.

I will post them as I make them so you can all try too! =)


Migrainista said...

Looking forward to that!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My implant is not intrusive but I can see how the idea makes people uncomfortable, they aren't for everyone. I guess my question always is - would you use a pacenaker for heart trouble - same technology