Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Off

Yesterday I was cancelled from work.  That sometimes happens if we have more staff than patients.  And...I LOVE when that happens!  While most people fear being cancelled for a 12 hour shift...I happen to think that there is nothing better than getting a phone call at 5am asking me if I want to stay home.  My answer, of course, is always YES!

So I rolled over in my big, comfy cloud-like bed and went back to sleep.  I stayed in my bed...napping and watching Christmas movies all day long!

Jesse finally wandered in the door from work around 6pm, I finally got up and dressed and we spent the night Christmas shopping and going to dinner.

Love me a Saturday off!  Especially during the holiday season!


Myth said...

Holy smokes... I have no idea how you manage to work 12 hour shifts... 8 hours is hard enough, and really I apparently could not handle that either! However, while I was working if someone phoned and asked me if I did not want to come in, instead of me calling in sick and feeling worthless, well I would be doing a happy dance for sure!

Jessica said...

Well I honestly don't know how I manage to stumble through 12 hour shifts half the time! However, it is only 3 days a week...and if I get cancelled like last week it was only 2 days but pay for 3!