Saturday, May 7, 2011

Celebration (or Not)

I am struggling to find the right words for this post.

I initially wanted to write about Mother's Day....and how grateful I am to have amazing, strong women surrounding me, encouraging me, and constantly supporting me.

I wanted to write about how thankful I am to be blessed with two handsome, sweet boys...and how lucky I am to have been chosen to be their mother.

Then, I read some of your posts...and I felt guilty.

Guilty because there are some people out there that tomorrow..will not be celebrating.

Those that have had the unfortunate experience of not having a mother of their own...and those that have had devastating losses...and those that have and always will  be unable to concieve or become mother's themselves.

However...I am callous and selfish as that may sound.  Me not celebrating Mother's Day, and what I do have would be like me not celebrating Christmas because other's don't believe or me not celebrating if I won the lottery because not everyone won.

Tomorrow I am celebrating the fact that I do have a mother...a mother that did the best she could to raise her 4 children, a grandmother that has always been there for me in everyway, and the 4 babies that I grew in my tummy...2 of which are in heaven and 2 of which I am going to smother with kisses and hold onto for dear life.


WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Jessica: What a sensitive and lovely post. You deserve to celebrate the mom's in your life, including yourself! Wishing that everyone that wants so desparately to be a Mom can find a way to get there! Happy Mother's day!

Photos By Mamie said...

so sweet, happy mother's day to you.

Della said...

Happy Mother's Day Jess. Enjoy your day being a mom. You have earned it!

Love you!

Migrainista said...

You absolutely should celebrate mother's day! You are an amazing woman and mother and that is worthy of huge celebrations. Your kids are so lucky to have a loving mother, it will make all the difference in their lives. Honestly the world needs more moms like you. Even those of us who struggle on this day wouldn't begrudge you that recognition and pleasure.

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with every joy and happiness of motherhood. You have earned it!

Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day Jess!!!!! I hope it is the best one for you ever! Enjoy every bit of it!!!

Heather said...

I've struggled with Mother's Day this year too. I celebrated my own mom, but the day before Mother's Day I went to my the funeral of my best friend's mother. It was hard to not feel guilty about having a mom when my friend just lost hers. It's good to be sensitive to others, but at the same time you have every right to celebrate yourself and your kids, just as I celebrated my mom! :)

Katharine Hope said...

Thanks for this beautiful post and picture!