Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our "Stay-cation"

Last week, Jesse's sister and brother in law came to visit from Wisconsin, so we both took a week off from work for a little "stay-cation" and family time.

Friday morning we met up at C'est La Vie French restaurant on Main Street in Sarasota for a fabulous breakfast.  I had never been there before and definately plan on many more visits.  Their pastries were to die for!

After eating, we spent the morning and afternoon shopping in all the boutiques and quaint little shops.  I spent a fortune!  My tax return check has now dwindled to nearly nothing...but I paid off a large amount of debt and bought some great stuff.  All well worth it to me!

Friday night, Jesse's sister, his aunt and  I had tickets to go to the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall to see "Kathy Griffin: Live on Tour."  Now, I have never really watched her shows much, but I had heard her autobiography was hilarious.  So, because I am such a fan of memoirs and hearing about other people's screwed up lives, I read it and loved it.  When it was suggested we see her comedy show live...I was totally up for it.  She was absolutely hysterical.  My cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so hard.  Afterwards...we headed back to downtown Sarasota for dessert, cocktails and people watching on the outdoor sofas.

Saturday was spent at the beach and Sunday was spent with everyone over at our pool.  It was a jammed few days...and I was exhausted!  However, getting out and acting like a tourist in beautiful Sarasota reminded me of all the wonderful things there is to do in this town. 

It was back to reality and work this week.

I had my CTA test 3 days ago...and it sucked.  At least for me anyways.  I had had MRI's with contrast before, so I was expecting it to be no big deal.  Plus, this was a CT I wouldn't even be anxious or claustrophobic.  I had an IV inserted in my right AC without a problem.  IV's do not bother me in the least and I have garden hoses for veins.  Then I had some pictures taken before any contrast was given.  The tech came back in and connected me to an auto-injector.  I was put back through the scanner and told the constrast would automatically inject.  I was told to expect some warmth throughout my body...which I already knew.  Well it took a few minutes for me to feel anything go through my veins...then it hit me.  FIRE.  It was not a little warmth like I had felt with previous tests.  I was needing to hold my breath and be still for the pics...all the while feeling like I was in an inferno.  Then, of course, I started to panic.  I felt like I couldn't breathe and started flailing my arms and legs all over the place like a crazy women.  The techs came running in and I started sobbing and apologizing for being a lunatic.  Luckily, they had gotten the picture before I freaked out and I didn't have to repeat it. 

So after the test is completed, the tech goes on to tell me that my insurance company did not approve the scan of my brain...and that they only examined my carotids.  WTF!  I was pissed!  How ridiculous insurance companies are.  I have a history of Migraine, Hypertension and a right temporoparietal venous angioma and they didn't approve my brain to be scanned?  So now, I may have to endure the fires of hell one more time after I speak (or scream) at my insurance company.

Now I am not sure if this has anything to do with the CTA...or I am just a nut case...but I feel like I have been burning up and have been having vomiting & diarrhea ever since. 

I rallied and worked the last two days...without a single complaint of how shitty I felt.

It is now 1240pm on Sunday afternoon...I am still in my cozy bed...and it is quite possible I will stay here all day long!


Heather said...

I am glad you had some fun with your family. Oh my! How does an insurance company not pay for that! Good luck dealing with them. I hope the second CT scan will not be like fire for you. I hope you enjoy your day of rest!!!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Before I started reacting to CT contrast in a big way, I had issues like yours. Sometimes allergic reactions go down the gut instead of out the skin. If some benedryl helps, then try premedicating before the next run. They generally do a benedryl and prednisone protocol for 24 hrs prior to the contrast.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

PS sounded like you had some fun anyway - Kathy Griffin would be my kind of show...

Migrainista said...

Boy, after all that I would stick around in bed all day too. It is such a crime that insurance companies have so much control over what kind of medical care we can get.

Sounds like you had a great time with your family though - and that is so invaluable.

PhotosByMamie said...

My first CT scan was like that too. The ones after that were not as bad. Not sure if it was a different tech or what but maybe there's hope for you.