Monday, November 8, 2010

Neuro Update

Jesse took me to see Dr. K. this morning.  It was my follow-up appt for my series of Occipital Nerve Blocks.  As soon as he walked into the room and asked how I was feeling, I burst into tears.  I was afraid to tell him the treatment wasn't successful.  I feared he would throw the "self-defeating attitude" line at me again.  I knew the blocks wouldn't work as I have had them numerous times before...which led to the RFL...which didn't work.  Anyway, he was more sympathetic than I was going to give him credit for.  He wants me to continue the Prozac,  is adding Savella for my occipital nerve and left sided facial nerve pain, and is still adament I stay away from pain medication.  Ha.  I came home and took 2 fioricet, a soma & phenergan.  Some might say I am being non-compliant.  I say I am being somewhat proactive.  I am tired of hurting while washing & brushing my hair, applying make-up, being touched, and vomiting.  It is NOT normal for God's sake!  People don't vomit on a weekly basis because their head is pounding so badly it's difficult to be upright. 

So my current/updated POC:

Prozac 80mg daily
Savella titrate to 100mg daily
Bystolic 2.5mg daily

Ice packs & massage therapy

What meds do you all take???  Is there anything I haven't tried???


FIGHTER said...

I have been on so much. have not heard of Savella and or Bystolic. I do love my ice packs, I have two. One as a back up. I did notice you don't have a section for followers to follow or get updates in their email. Just a thought.

Jessica said...

Savella is more of a nerve pain Lyrica. And Bystolic is a new Beta-Blocker. So...none of them seem to be doing the trick. I have been on so many different things as well. It's frustrating.

I have someone working on improving my blog...I will try to add those features. I am not very good with the computer!

S.I.F. said...

Oh friend!! I hate this for you! I wish there was some solution that would actually work. :(

Jessica said...

I feel the same for you! =)