Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to "Normal" Living

Yesterday I finally went back to work.  I was nervous the night before and when I woke.  Scared I couldn't get through a 12 hr day with no pain.  Once I got there though, I was ok.  I work with such a supportive group of people, I knew I could do it.  Plus Jesse had told me to call him immediately if I felt I couldn't get through the day and not to force myself.  He even said if you have to quit..."I'll get a second job."  Obviously I don't want to quit my job, but having the knowledge that I could walk away if I absolutely needed to was comforting in a weird way.  We were pretty busy at work so all the running around and catching babies left little time for me to acknowledge my head.  I guess working is a good thing for me.  When I am home, I tend to notice every little twinge of pain and dwell on it.  I have realized over the past 3 mths that I have no coping skills of my own.  I may need to get help with that.  As a nurse, I can teach my patients copings skills, but I can't wrap my head around it when it comes to my own problem.  So after being at work for over 12's an understatement to say I was exhausted.  I literally felt sick from fatigue driving home.  But I am taking it slowly, only working 2 days a week to re-adjust.  And I remained headache free for most of the day...only needing to drink some caffiene and take an 800mg motrin.

I just came back from an appt. with Dr. E.  It went well.  Now I kind of feel like I don't want to go see another Specialist at this point.  We had a really good talk and made a new plan of action.  Plus, he said if we don't progress, he is sending me to Tampa to the "House" of migraines.  I did actually see the dr. he is referring to once, but she agreed with his plan of care, so I never went back.  I also got a round of Botox while I was there.  Still not quite sure if it really helps, but my insurance covers it, the dr. believes in it...and it leaves me wrinkle free so I keep doing it.  In a few minutes I am going to take a Sumatriptan injection with a Xanax to try and banish this headache that is now starting to creep in.


Migrainista said...

Hip hip hooray! So glad your first shift back went so well!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

my headache specialist says there is evidence that botox changes a chemical signal in the affected nerves that is known to start the "migraine cascade" to painland so the cascade doesn't start. strange eh?