Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perfect Babies

One of my oldest and closest friends, Kelly, moved back home this week with her precious, newest additions.  This is Kathryn and Sydney.  I was dying to get my hands on them and take some pictures.  Being babies, they did not cooperate as well as I would of liked, but I still got some great shots.

There is nothing I love more than tiny, yummy newborn babies.  They are so soft and smell so sweet.  Technically, Kathryn and Sydney are not newborn though.  They were born premature, weighing 4 lbs each.  Now they are about 7 weeks old, weighing 7 lbs each.

Perfect itty, bitty baby toes are my absolute favorite.  That, and teeny tiny baby butts!  Nothing cuter!  I am so greatful to have my friend and her family home.  Kelly is my friend I wrote about in a previous post about my panic attacks and agoraphobia.  She isn't my friend, she is another sister.

I also took some amazing photos of her two little boys as well...which I will post later.  They are so handsome and just as sweet. 

On a different note...I go for my MRI in an hour and a half.  Which really means I should be in the shower, but I just had to post some of my new pictures!


Della said...

They are precious! Makes me long for a grandbaby to cuddle. I'm glad you have Kelly close. It's so good to have someone around that means a lot to you.

I'm anxious to hear your results. I bet you are too! Take care sweetie. I hope you get through the day okay.

Heather and Kathy said...

What cuties!!! I just love babies! They are so soft and their skin is so soft and wonderful!


Photos By Mamie said...

So cute!!! Love baby bottoms too.
How great to have your best friend close by.

Jessica said...

It's been awesome! I cannot wait to take tons more pictures now that I have some newborns to practice on! I took some with my hats on too that i'll need to post...they also turned out cute!